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Dr. David Schwartz, a clinical professor of pathology at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University, agreed. I think that from reading this one article, it appears to be one of the potential best animal models we have, not only for testing therapeutic models, but for testing vaccines, said Schwartz, a medical epidemiologist who tracks global health crises. The Seattle-led researchers injected Zika virus under the skin of the pregnant monkey in five sites on its forearms during the week of gestation that corresponded to 28 weeks, the start of the third trimester, in humans. Like most infected humans, the macaque showed no signs of rash, conjunctivitis or fever, all symptoms of Zika disease. But weekly ultrasounds and MRIs quickly revealed damage in the fetus, which showed smaller-than-normal head size, brain lesions and other signs of harm. The fetus was delivered by C-section. no dataThe animals were killed and autopsied. Evidence of Zika was found in the placenta and the fetal brain and liver and in the brain, eyes, spleen and liver of the mother, the study reported. Researchers were careful to note the study did not confirm microcephaly, the development of much smaller-than-normal heads seen in many Zika-affected babies. likely was because the animal was infected later in pregnancy and the condition didnt have time to fully develop, Adams Waldorf said.

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Viral.inkeye is often caused by an adenovirus, which is a common respiratory virus that can also cause a sore throat or upper respiratory infection. Your eye doctor typically will prescribe antibiotic eye drops or ointments for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis. Both viral and bacterial types are very contagious. Or you might need to try a type of lens that you replace more frequently, such as disposable contact lenses . American Family Physician. 2010;812. One of the most common symptoms is discomfort in the eye. The outcome is most often good with treatment. Your doctor may recommend you use one or more of the following: Ocular topical decongestants : These medicines reduce redness by constricting small blood vessels in the eye. However, certain symptoms may strongly suggest a particular diagnosis. Ask for more information on how to flush your eye.

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