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But birds flock together anyway. And theres certainly no shortage of house finches. There does seem to be more evidence that feeding birds and having bird-friendly backyards does more good than it does harm, Greig said. In spite of some built-in limitations, Greig said feeder-monitoring projects like FeederWatch ( still have scientific value. They can help generate data on how bird populations are changing, for instance, or generate observations on dominance and predation rates at feeders. Scientists can then use that to craft experimental studies to explore the questions in more depth and try to figure out the causal relationships. The trick is not to generalize, because different species may respond in different ways to bird feeding. Backing up a bit, does start-stop feeding hurt the birds? Probably not, said Greig. As far as we know, birds will have an assortment of places theyre checking for food within their expanded winter data

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Infectious pink eye can easily spread from one person to another. Patients typically experience intermittent bouts of itching, tearing, redness and mild eyelid swelling. Never share towels or handkerchiefs, and throw away tissues after each use. facial clues to the aetiology of conjunctivitis include the presence of herpes labials or a dermatomal vesicular eruption suggestive of shingles. Can Pam Physician. 2009;5511:1071-5. Conjunctivitis summary benchmarks for Preferred Practice Pattern guidelines. If the inflammation has resolved, the antibiotic should be discontinued. Disinfect all surfaces, including counter tops, sinks, and doorknobs.

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